The main leader to this event is IME Association active in the area of contemporary arts making the biggest international festival of contemporary arts in alternative spaces called: Water Tower Art Fest – in Sofia, Bulgaria since 2006. The festival we initiated had developed after its 10th anniversary in 2016  into a residency platform attracting artists from around the world for working in Sofia for certain period of time under the general topic of Social development trough creative practices, done again in different abandoned or underused buildings and sites around Sofia. The quality of those sites is the inspiration for artistic intervention but at the same time attracting public attention to social and other issues surrounding the aura of the sites in question (sometimes the buildings we use are subject to cultural heritage). The quality of abandonment prevails many areas in Bulgaria , the under population in certain regions is obvious and through our project that has won the popularity and acknowledgment worldwide we would like to go to other places in Bulgaria.

Interaction and empathy between people and an inclusive attitude towards different ethnicities and cultures is whatt we will encourage to develop through creative workshops and interactions trough art and music in our events.

The problem with the elitization of art and culture and the lack of clear access to cultural events of communities on the outskirts of settlements is big. As part of our strategy to integrate such communities and develop their sense of belonging, it is our choice of neglected public places to interact over the years. As some of these places have a certain value for our city from a historical architectural or aesthetic point of view. Touching them is a touch to the geographical memory of a culture, nation, community and by living and socializing them through art, we provide an opportunity to reconsider values related to the spirit and history of the place, as well as to pay attention to our internal neglect and the need for continuity and development through empathy.